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This is a visual radio tower broadcasting good vibes to your heart and pineal gland.

Every project is stretched into different segments fitting multi physical/digital channels.

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On-Going Projects:

༺ 5IBE Season ༻
Pony5ibe is a young hip hop artist representing the new-new wave happening in the greater Chinese region.

We distributed Pony5ibe's latest album “5IBE”, and produced a series of music videos/motion covers with the tracks.
The physical album and live dates will be dropped at the end of MAR 2019.

༺ God Don’t Judge ལྷ་དང་མིའི་མཐའ་སྤྱོད ༻
This is an art statement/movement practiced with five ancient languages, which are Chinese, Hebrew, English, Arabic and Tibet.

We believe God/道 is within us. If one free oneself from the limitation of judging, one will experience God/道.
The physical goods and event will be released in JUN 2019.

༺ We Are Culture ༻
This is an episodic program currently in pre-production and raising funds.

Travel is the process to expand our dimension, and also one of our favorite ways to explore Mother Earth. We travel constantly, physical wise and mental wise. Throughout this process, we discovered and linked up with several vibrant subcultures. This episodic program is meant to radiate these distinctive energies with mixed messages to reflect the new era we currently lived in. You can have a taste here.

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